Wanna try ChatGPT 4 but don’t wanna pay? I gotchu. Here are some slick ways to use GPT-4 without spending a dime.

What is ChatGPT 4?

  • Next level version of ChatGPT
  • Way more advanced with 100 trillion parameters
  • Can write 25,000 words instead of just 8,000
  • Major upgrade to content creation abilities

How to Use GPT-4 Normally

  • Join waitlist for GPT-4 API access
  • Get ChatGPT Plus subscription

But those cost $$$. So here are…

8 Ways to Use GPT-4 For Free

1. ForeFront AI

  • Create free account at chat.forefront.ai
  • Full access to GPT-4 with no limits

2. Bing Chatbot

  • Available on new Microsoft Edge browser
  • Powered by GPT-4 so you can chat for free

3. Hugging Face

  • Use their ChatGPT4 model without an API key
  • Requires some patience due to traffic

4. Ora.sh

  • Sign up with email to get unlimited free access

5. Nat.dev

  • Join waitlist then use the GPT-4 playground

6. Poe.com

  • Interact with GPT-4 bots or make your own

7. Claude AI

  • Sign up for free access to their GPT-4 assistant

8. SEOtooladda (For India)

  • Existing users get free ChatGPT 4 access

So enjoy the intelligence boost without going broke! LMK if you have any other questions.