Want ChatGPT’s awesome AI powers on your phone or computer? Here’s how to get the app without spending a dime.

What ChatGPT Is

  • AI chatbot that talks like a human
  • Understands questions and gives good answers
  • Created by OpenAI, launched late 2022
  • Got better with GPT-4 model to sound more natural

Access ChatGPT Online

  • Don’t need the app, can use the website
  • Just go to chat.openai.com
  • Make an account with phone or email
  • Tap “Try ChatGPT” to start without account

Download the App for Desktop


  • Get installer from GitHub
  • Double click to install
  • Launch from Start menu


  • Download .dmg file from GitHub
  • Drag to Applications folder
  • Open with Finder or Spotlight


  • Grab .deb or .AppImage file from GitHub
  • Follow prompts to install

Get the App on Mobile


  • No official app yet
  • Create home screen shortcut from Safari


  • No official app yet
  • Add Chrome shortcut to home screen
  • Third party ChatGPT apps are mostly fake

So in summary, grab the web version or create a shortcut to get ChatGPT’s AI power on any device! No need to pay for the app.