What is OpenAI Playground?

  • A free web tool to play with AI models like GPT-3
  • Make an account and get credits to generate text
  • Time limit of 3-4 months before credits run out

Features of the Playground

  • Access different AI models like GPT variants
  • Fine-tune models and train them on your data
  • Converse with the AI and get it to complete tasks

Getting Started with the Playground

  • Create an OpenAI account
  • Find Playground on their site and generate text
  • Check usage stats to see remaining credits

Using the AI Model Explorer

  • Pick a model from the list in the “AI Models” tab
  • Adjust parameters to see how output changes
  • Parameters control how model processes input

Playground Usage Examples

  • Enter prompts and generate text with AI models
  • Tweak models and options to learn capabilities
  • Use features like grammar correction and summarization
  • Try out examples to see potentials and limitations


  • OpenAI Playground lets anyone explore AI for free
  • Great for beginners and experts to experiment with models
  • User-friendly way to learn about AI and build applications

So give it a spin and see what you can create!