Hey! Have you heard about the OpenAI Playground? It’s a super cool place to play around with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs. It’s got free trials, application examples, and technical documents to help you get up to speed. No matter if you’re into natural language processing, computer vision, or robotics, you’ll find something interesting to try out. But remember, it’s not free all the time.

Features of OpenAI Playground

So, what can you do in the OpenAI Playground? Well, it’s got a GPT-3 Playground where you can play around with the chatgpt API without writing any code. Just type in what you want to test, and it’ll spit out the result. It’s helped a lot of developers make some cool stuff, like Jasper AI. Plus, you can switch between different GPT APIs, including GPT-3 API, GPT-3.5 Turbo API, and GPT-4 API.

API Function Introduction

Let’s talk about what’s on offer. OpenAI has developed a range of APIs, each with different features, uses, building processes, and pricing info. You can use the Chat API, Text completion, Code completion, Image generation, Fine-tuning, and Embeddings. All of these are based on either GPT-3.5 or GPT-4 API. For speech to text, there’s the Whisper API. And OpenAI is hinting that a ChatGPT API will be available soon.

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OpenAI API Pricing

Alright, let’s talk money. OpenAI charges for their API based on the number of tokens used. Think of a token as a word or phrase. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Ada: $0.0004 per 1K tokens
  • Babbage: $0.0005 per 1K tokens
  • Curie: $0.0020 per 1K tokens
  • Davinci: $0.0200 per 1K tokens

OpenAI is also offering a free usage tier for the API. New accounts get $5 worth of free credits. This lets you use the API for up to 10,000 tokens per month.

More AI Tools

OpenAI Playground is not the only place to experiment with AI. There are other tools like ChatGPT, Jasper AI, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Google Bard, LeiaPix Converter, and Rizz. Each has its own unique features and use cases.


The OpenAI Playground is a great place to learn and experiment with GPT-3.5 and GPT-4 APIs. It comes with a host of features and tools that make it a playground for developers, researchers, and AI enthusiasts alike. So why wait? Start exploring the OpenAI Playground today!

Based on reviewing the content at the provided URL, it looks like there is some missing information related to the keywords you mentioned. Here is some additional content to help address those open questions:

Is OpenAI playground no longer free?

While OpenAI originally provided free access to their playground environment for trying out APIs like GPT-3, they have since moved to a paid model. Now developers need an OpenAI API key with credits to utilize services like the playground.

What is OpenAI’s playground?

The OpenAI playground refers to a developer environment OpenAI previously offered for experimenting with their AI APIs like GPT-3 for free without needing to code. It allowed interactive testing of generating text, having conversations, translating content, and more.

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How do I get to playground on OpenAI?

The free OpenAI playground is no longer available. You now need an OpenAI developer API account with purchased credits to access their APIs and tools. Sign up on their site for an API key if you want to integrate OpenAI services into an app.

How do I access GPT playground?

There is no longer a freely accessible playground from OpenAI for testing GPT models interactively without coding. You need to sign up for an API developer account and use purchased credits to integrate GPT-3 and GPT-3.5 into your own applications.

openai playground free

While OpenAI originally offered a free playground, it is now only available for paid API subscribers. The free tier offered limited usage for testing, but continuous usage now requires a paid API plan. Sign up on the OpenAI site for pricing details if you are interested in accessing GPT-3 via API.

openai playground login

There is no longer a specific login portal or site for accessing the free public OpenAI playground environment. You will need an approved OpenAI developer API account and key in order to integrate and access their AI models like GPT-3 or Codex through your own applications and interfaces.

openai playground text

The OpenAI playground previously allowed free testing of text generation through GPT-3 without any coding required. But this free public playground for trying text generation is no longer available. To generate text via API, you now need approved paid access to OpenAI’s developer platform.

In summary, OpenAI no longer offers a free public playground for interactively testing their AI systems like GPT-3. Developers now need approved API access with purchased credits for integrating OpenAI services into applications. Please let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions!