Using Midjourney AI Art Generator for Free

Midjourney is a super cool AI art generator that can turn your words into awesome images and art. Here’s a step-by-step guide to start creating AI art for free with Midjourney.

Get a Discord Account

You’ll need a Discord account since that’s where Midjourney is based. Sign up if you don’t have one already.

Join the Midjourney Server

Go to the Midjourney website and click “Join the beta” to get an invite to their Discord server. Join up!

Find the Newbie Channels

Once you’re in the Discord, look for channels like “newbies” that are designed for beginners. This is where you’ll learn the ropes.

Generate Images with Text Prompts

In the newbie channel, use the “/imagine” command and describe what you want Midjourney to create. Be detailed!

Review the AI Artwork

Midjourney will generate some images based on your text prompt. Check them out and see if they match what you envisioned.

Refine and Download the Art

Use Midjourney’s editing tools to refine the art until you’re satisfied. Then download the images to your device.

Upscale and Share Your Creations

You can use Midjourney to upscale your images for higher resolution before posting your awesome AI art on social media or elsewhere.

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Browse the Midjourney Gallery

Check out the Midjourney website gallery to appreciate the creativity of the community and get inspired for your own art.

Craft Effective Prompts

Some tips: Be super specific in your prompt, use vivid adjectives, set the scene, reference images, experiment with different wording.

Let your creativity run wild with Midjourney! It’s an amazing way to explore AI art for free.