Using NovelAI’s Free Image Generator

Sup y’all! Let’s get into how to use NovelAI’s free image generator to make some dope visuals.

What is NovelAI Image Generation?

  • AI tool that makes custom images from text prompts
  • Uses advanced algorithms trained on tons of image data
  • Creates original, high-quality images tailored to you

How NovelAI’s Image Generator Works

  • Takes your text description as input
  • Analyzes visual patterns and elements
  • Generates image variations matching the prompt

Getting Started with NovelAI

First things first, you gotta sign up and get an account at

Then choose one of their paid monthly plans:

  • Tablet ($10/month) – 1,000 Anlas
  • Scroll ($15/month) – 1,000 Anlas
  • Opus ($25/month) – 10,000 Anlas

Anlas = credits for generating images

Using the Free Image Generator

A’ight, let’s make some images!

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Enter your prompt – describe the image you want

Step 3: Customize settings like image resolution

Step 4: Click “Generate Images” and download your fave!

Tips for Using NovelAI

  • Have a detailed prompt
  • Pick the right plan for your usage
  • Play with custom settings
  • Be patient – AI needs time to work

Get creating with this dope free tool! LMK if you have any other questions.