Eleven Lab AI can clone any voice for super realistic text-to-speech. Here’s how to make it say whatever you want.

Intro to Eleven Lab AI

  • Text-to-speech software that uses deep learning
  • Creates natural sounding voices from text
  • Users can customize voices and accents
  • Even clone a voice with a 60-second audio sample

Getting Started with Eleven Lab AI

Sign up for an account at elevenlabs.io

Upload an audio sample of the voice you want to clone

Convert it to an MP3 file

Generate speech by entering text

Download the cloned voice

Cloning Your Own Voice

Record a 60-second audio clip of yourself

Upload it to Eleven Lab AI

Name the audio clip

Generate speech using your clip

Download your cloned voice

Using Cloned Voices

  • Add to videos by editing audio
  • Create realistic audio content
  • Automatic voice dubbing for multilingual content
  • Use in marketing to add a human touch

So that’s how Eleven Lab AI perfectly clones voices! Let me know if you have any other questions.