What is Eleven Labs?

Eleven Labs is an AI-powered no-code platform that allows anyone to build mobile and web apps quickly and easily, without needing to write any code. The company aims to democratize app development and put creation into the hands of all people.

Founded in 2021, Eleven Labs taps into the power of artificial intelligence to generate full-stack code automatically based on simple visual interfaces and declarative configurations. This removes the intensive coding normally required for app building.

Who is Eleven Labs For?

Eleven Labs is built for a few key personas:

Professional Developers

For pro developers, Eleven Labs supercharges efficiency by 5-10x. It handles time-consuming boilerplate work so developers can focus on business logic and delivering value faster.

Citizen Developers

With a simple drag-and-drop interface and AI generating the complex code behind the scenes, Eleven Labs opens up app creation abilities to non-technical people. Anyone can build and iterate on apps.

Entrepreneurs & Business Users

Entrepreneurs, product managers, and business users can quickly turn their ideas into usable apps without relying on developers. This supports faster validation and funding.

Students & Learners

Students looking to practically apply their coding knowledge can use Eleven Labs to build real-world projects for their portfolio within a low-code environment.

How Does Eleven Labs Work?

The Eleven Labs platform is composed of two key parts:

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1. Visual Builder

This is a drag-and-drop editor where users can visually design the layout and interface of their mobile or web app. Various prebuilt components like menus, forms, buttons, lists, and more can simply be dragged in.

2. Generative AI Engine

Eleven Labs’ proprietary AI engine can generate full-stack source code instantly based on the app specifications configured in the visual interface. Thisremoves the need for manual coding.

As users tweak the visual design, the AI regenerates the underlying source code to match. The generated code is production-ready and customizable.

Eleven Labs Development Process

Building an app with Eleven Labs follows this general workflow:

  1. Design app UI visually using drag-and-drop editor
  2. Configure app behavior and logic through point-and-click
  3. AI instantly generates complete source code
  4. Review and customize code as needed
  5. Deploy app to device or cloud
  6. Gather user feedback to iterate and improve app

Updates to the visual design are continuously synced to code.

Eleven Labs Technical Capabilities

Some key things Eleven Labs can generate code for:

  • Frontend app interfaces – React Native, React, Angular, Vue, SwiftUI
  • Backend app logic – Node.js, Python, Java, Ruby on Rails
  • Databases – SQL, MongoDB, Firebase
  • Authentication – Sign-ups, login, access control
  • Third-party integrations – SMS, email, payments
  • Hosting on AWS, GCP, Azure, or custom servers

The platform supports progressive web apps, iOS, and Android. The generated code can be exported, extended, and published.

Benefits of Building Apps With Eleven Labs

Some major benefits of using Eleven Labs include:


Apps can be built over 5-10x faster since you skip manual coding work. Changes only require simple visual adjustments rather than long code refactors.


No technical expertise needed. The visual drag-and-drop builder and automatic code generation opens app creation to anyone.

Cost Savings

Faster development means fewer engineering hours required, cutting project costs significantly. Maintenance is easier too.


The generated code can be edited, extended with custom logic, integrated with external services, and more.


Apps are production-ready and scale from prototype to enterprise deployment.

Eleven Labs Use Cases

Eleven Labs enables quick creation of apps for things like:

  • MVP testing of new product/features
  • Internal business workflow apps
  • Admin portals and dashboards
  • Listings and directories
  • Event/conference apps
  • Personal productivity apps
  • Mobile/web plugins and add-ons
  • APIs, microservices, integrations
  • and much more!
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Eleven Labs Funding & Traction

Since the company’s founding in 2021, Eleven Labs has seen impressive growth:

  • Raised $8 million in seed funding to support platform development
  • Over 60,000 users joined waitlist before launch
  • Public beta launched February 2023
  • Positive reception and reviews by early testers
  • Currently expanding platform capabilities and features

The excellent initial traction indicates high demand for no-code solutions that allow quick iteration. Eleven Labs is poised to become a leader in intelligent app dev.

Eleven Labs Competitors

Some key competitors in the no-code app builder space include:


A robust platform for web app development using visual programming and some prebuilt components. Focuses more on custom logic.


Targets enterprise IT teams and processes like low-code automation. Heavy focus on data and integrations.


A highly visual drag-and-drop app builder requiring no code. But has template-like limitations.


Open source app builder for Android and iOS. Uses a visual programming language called Blockly.

How Does Eleven Labs Differ?

What sets Eleven Labs apart is the instant generation of full-stack production code from front to back. The AI handles the intensive coding automatically rather than relying on simple logic wiring or template restrictions.

This balances accessibility with extreme power and customization. The result is apps built faster than any traditional coding or low-code tools allow.

Eleven Labs Pricing

Eleven Labs offers these pricing options:

  • Free Plan – Build 2 apps free forever
  • Personal Plan – $12/month – Unlimited apps
  • Team Plan – $48/month – Unlimited apps + collaboration features
  • Enterprise Plan – Custom pricing

Free and paid plans give full access to Eleven Labs’ features and capabilities. Sign-up is available on their website.

Eleven Labs Review

Here’s a quick pro/con rundown of Eleven Labs:


  • App development 5-10x faster
  • No coding required
  • Flexible customization
  • Great for quick prototyping
  • Lower cost than developers


  • Still new platform, some limitations
  • Advanced logic requires coding
  • No app templates or themes yet
  • Hosting costs separate
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Overall, Eleven Labs scores highly for its unique approach to simplifying app building leveraging AI. Well worth checking out!

Eleven Labs Tutorial

Let’s walk through building a simple app on Eleven Labs from start to finish.

We’ll build a Task Manager app to create and track tasks. Follow along!

1. Create Account

First, go to ElevenLabs.com and sign up for a free account. Once registered, you can start a new app project.

2. Open Visual Builder

The visual builder is where you’ll design your app UI. Drag in elements like text, buttons, inputs to lay out your interface.

For our task app, we can use a vertical list to show tasks. I’ll add a text input to create new tasks and a button to submit them.

3. Configure Behavior

Now we can use the inspector pane to configure our app’s behavior. For example, I can make my submit button run a function to add the input text as a new task item.

The AI will automatically generate the code required to make this work. Anytime you tweak the visual design, it also updates the underlying code.

4. Deploy App

Once designed, I can instantly deploy my Task Manager as a web app and share it live with others!

The whole process takes just minutes without writing any code manually. And I can enhance the app later on.

The Future of No-Code with AI

Eleven Labs represents the vanguard of a new generation of no-code platforms powered by AI. The advantages and possibilities of automating coding work are immense.

As the technology improves, AI-generated code will become smarter and more customizable. More parts of app development may be automated to further boost productivity.

Platforms like Eleven Labs have the potential to truly democratize coding and app creation for all types of users. There are exciting times ahead in making software development accessible!

FAQs About Eleven Labs

Does Eleven Labs require coding?

No! Eleven Labs automatically generates code for you without needing to manually write any yourself. But you can view and customize the code if desired.

Can I create an iOS app on Eleven Labs?

Yes, Eleven Labs supports generating native iOS apps with SwiftUI in addition to web and Android. iOS apps can be run on simulators or devices.

What kinds of apps can I build with Eleven Labs?

You can