Don’t wanna give your digits to use ChatGPT? No prob, there are some workaround options. Let’s break ’em down.

Why ChatGPT Wants Your Number

  • Uses phone verification to confirm you’re a real person
  • Prevents fake accounts and sketchy stuff

Alt Options Besides Your Real Number

Virtual phone number – Temporary throwaway number

Disposable email – Also temporary and disposable

But beware risks like privacy, security, reliability

Bing chatbot – Microsoft’s version doesn’t need a number

WhatsApp – Can verify with WhatsApp in some countries

AI alternatives – Like Google Bard, no number needed

Consider the Risks

  • Virtual numbers/emails still share your info
  • Scammers use them to make fake accounts
  • Services may not accept temporary numbers
  • Can be unreliable and risk legal issues

So in summary, you have options to use ChatGPT without giving your real number. But be cautious of risks that come with workarounds. Do your research before moving forward!