ChatGPT was Developed by Anthropic

ChatGPT was created by researchers at Anthropic, an AI safety startup founded in 2021.

Who Founded Anthropic?

Anthropic was founded by:

  • CEO Dario Amodei – Former OpenAI research director
  • President Daniela Amodei – Former software engineer at Facebook
  • VP of Research Tom Brown – Former co-lead of OpenAI’s language team

What is Anthropic’s Mission?

Anthropic aims to develop AI that is helpful, harmless, and honest using a constitutional AI approach with safety in mind.

Who Led the Development of ChatGPT?

The core ChatGPT team at Anthropic included:

  • Claude Team – Led by Tom Brown, Jason Benn, Chris Tar, and Jack Koch
  • Safety Team – Led by Mark Chen and Alex Ray
  • Hackathon Contributors – Like Andrew Mayne who prototyped Claude

How Did Anthropic Researchers Create ChatGPT?

They leveraged techniques like:

  • Constitutional AI principles constraining potential harms
  • Reinforcement learning from human feedback
  • Adversarial training to address model misbehaviors
  • Fine-tuning scaling laws of language models like GPT-3

Who Supported the Engineering Work for ChatGPT?

Engineering leads included:

  • VP of Engineering Michael Solana
  • Engineering Directors Vanessa Huang and Pamela Yeh
  • Infrastructure, performance, and security engineers
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How was ChatGPT Funded and Resourced?

Key funding and resources:

  • Investors like Dustin Moskovitz funded Anthropic
  • Partnerships with AI safety teams provided oversight
  • Supercomputing access through partnerships tested models
  • Feedback from beta testers improved the system

Who Oversees Ethics Reviews of ChatGPT?

Anthropic established an ethics advisory group with:

  • Experts in AI safety research
  • Domain specialists in relevant focus areas
  • Ethicists focused on emerging technology
  • Practitioners bridging scientific and human impacts

How Does Anthropic Collaborate With the AI Community?

Partnerships include:

  • Academic institutions for research
  • Industry groups focused on AI best practices
  • Policymakers developing guidance on AI ethics
  • Nonprofits like AI Village advancing responsible innovation

Who Provides Ongoing Support for ChatGPT?

Dedicated support teams handle:

  • Trust and safety monitoring for issues
  • Training improvements to address shortcomings
  • Feature development based on user feedback
  • Moderation and bug fixes post-launch
  • Communications and version rollout planning


Creating ChatGPT took extensive collaboration across researchers, engineers, ethicists, and partners united by Anthropic’s mission for beneficial AI aligning with human values and principles.