Yo folks, Robby here. It’s August 10, 2023, and let me tell ya, the job market is cut-throat. Thanks to all these newfangled AI systems and automation, the ol’ resume just ain’t what it used to be. That’s where Resume Worded comes in. This AI-powered platform claims it will give your resume and LinkedIn profile a glow-up, making you the belle of the recruiter’s ball. But is it worth your hard-earned dough? Let’s dive in and find out.

So, What’s Resume Worded All About?

Resume Worded isn’t just a fancy resume builder. This nifty AI-driven app aims to jazz up your resume and LinkedIn profile. Rohan Mahtani kicked off the whole thing in 2017, with the goal of helping folks beat those pesky Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and get a real human to look at their resumes. Resume Worded uses the same ATS systems that big companies use, so your resume is sure to get seen.

What Can You Do with Resume Worded?

You can do a bunch of cool stuff! Resume and LinkedIn Profile Optimization: The AI gives you feedback on how to up your game, making sure your resume is on point. Customizable Templates: There are over 350 templates for whatever job you’re applying for, whether you’re fresh out of school or aiming for that executive suite. LinkedIn Profile Feedback: The system analyzes your profile and gives you tips to make you more attractive to recruiters.

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Key Features of Resume Worded

Resume Review Tool: This baby analyzes your resume for ATS compatibility, structure, language, and content, giving you a score and advice on how to step it up. LinkedIn Profile Feedback: You get tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile shine. Coaching Service: Get one-on-one coaching for your resume and LinkedIn profile to tailor your goals.

How Much Does Resume Worded Cost?

There’s a Free Plan: You get basic feedback on grammar, formatting, and keywords, so you can try it out without opening your wallet. Premium Plans: These start at $24.99 per month or $299 per year. You get unlimited feedback, personalized coaching, and premium templates. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, there’s something for you.

How to Use Resume Worded?

Sign Up: Go to ResumeWorded.com and sign up with your Google or Facebook account. No credit card needed. Choose Your Service: Pick resume or LinkedIn profile checking, whatever you need. Upload Your Content: Copy and paste your resume or LinkedIn profile PDF into the software. Receive Feedback: Get a detailed report with areas to work on. Upgrade if Needed: If you want more features, click the “Upgrade to Pro” icon and pick your plan.

Is Resume Worded Legit?

Resume Worded gets a thumbs up from users and has a 4.2/5 rating on Product Hunt. People love how easy it is to use and how it helps them improve their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Some folks have grumbled about customer service and refund delays, but overall, it’s got a good rep and is a solid choice for job seekers.

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Should I Pay for Resume Worded?

With various pricing and a free plan with the basics, Resume Worded offers something for everyone. The premium features give you data-backed insights and recruiter-approved templates, making it a solid investment if you’re serious about your job hunt.

Other Options to Check Out

If Resume Worded isn’t your jam, there are alternatives you can try:

  • Standard Resume: Free – $19/mo. It’s a straightforward approach to resume building.
  • VisualCV: Free – $24/mo. Your resume will look modern and in line with current trends.
  • CakeResume: Free – $30/mo. Offers fully customizable templates per industry.

Wrapping Up

Resume Worded is more than just a tool. It’s a valuable asset for job seekers and professionals looking to spice up their resumes and LinkedIn profiles. It’s not perfect (customer service could use some work), but its features, pricing, and unique approach to ATS compatibility make it a good bet for most folks.


Is Resume Worded Free?
Yep, there’s a free plan with basic features so you can give it a whirl without spending a dime.

How Does Resume Worded Work with ATS?
It uses the same ATS systems that companies use to make sure your resume matches what recruiters want.

Can Resume Worded Help Fresh Graduates?
Absolutely! Its templates and insights are great for folks just starting out.

That’s all for now. Catch ya on the flip side!