What is Looka AI?

Looka AI is an artificial intelligence platform that generates logos, branding assets, and marketing designs using advanced deep learning algorithms. The technology automates the graphic design process for businesses and creators.

Company Overview

  • Founded in 2019 and headquartered in San Francisco
  • Over $9 million in funding raised
  • Led by CEO Laura Brady and CTO Troy Pattev
  • 30+ employees in design and engineering


  • Logo design generation
  • Color palette creation
  • Typography selection
  • Business card, presentation, social media and website mockup creation
  • Image editing and optimizing


To make excellent design accessible to all businesses through the use of AI.

How Does Looka AI Work?

Looka’s AI-powered design works through a few steps:

Design Brief

Users provide keywords, industry, styles to define the design goals.

Data Processing

The AI extracts key semantic insights from the brief to formulate the creative direction.

Generative Modeling

Proprietary deep neural networks produce thousands of original logo and branding designs derived from the brief.

Ranking and Filtration

Designs are automatically filtered for quality, dynamically ranked using ML to surface the best concepts, and refined.

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Iterative Improvement

The top designs are fine-tuned based on user feedback to further enhance and customize the assets.

What Can Looka AI Generate?

Looka offers AI-assisted design services including:


Iconic visual symbols representing a brand identity. Looka creates multiple logo options tailored to the business.

Color Palettes

Cohesive color schemes that align with the brand personality and industry style standards.


Cursive, serif, sans-serif – typography that complements the logo design aesthetic.


Custom presentations, business cards, website pages, social posts incorporating the branding assets in context.

Image Enhancement

Improving resolution, cropping, and optimizing images to augment user-provided visuals.

What Are the Benefits of Using Looka AI?

Key advantages include:

  • 10x faster than manual design process
  • Provides numerous high-quality options to choose from
  • Saves thousands of dollars compared to human designers
  • Easy to customize and iterate on concepts
  • Designs consistently on-brand across assets
  • Social media and website mockups created with branding
  • No graphic design experience needed
  • Great for rapid prototyping and experimentation

What Industries Use Looka AI?

Many sectors leverage automated design for marketing:

Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs use Looka to craft logos and branding on a budget.


Rapidly iterate on branding concepts during early-stage growth.


Ensure consistent visual identity across online stores and ads.

Real Estate

Generate tailored branding assets for agents, agencies, and property listings.


Visual assets for hotels, restaurants, resorts, and consumer services that match their vibe.


Craft logos and marketing materials to engage donors and volunteers.

What Are Some Examples of Looka AI Designs?

Looka showcases successful branding projects like:

  • Dog walking service logo with fun, energetic concept
  • Law firm visual identity conveying professionalism and trust
  • Fitness brand logo and website reflecting vitality and motivation
  • Nonprofit branding assets highlighting compassion and community
  • Tech startup logo and animated pitch deck exuding innovation
  • Bakery logo and social media images evoking delight and indulgence
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How Does Looka Integrate with Other Tools?

Looka supports easy integration:

  • Shopify: Instantly create store branding and product mockups.
  • Square: Sync branding assets to unify online and retail presence.
  • Wix: Customize website design with AI-generated elements.
  • Canva: Expand design capabilities leveraging Looka’s strengths.
  • Zapier: Connect with 400+ web apps like MailChimp, Dropbox, Slack.
  • API: Build custom workflows and experiences powered by Looka.

What Is the Future of AI-Assisted Design?

Emerging capabilities on the horizon:

  • Responsive site design mocking
  • AR/VR environment design simulation
  • Lifelike 3D product renderings
  • Interactive motion graphics creation
  • In-context logo testing through CGI
  • Spatial branding for spaces and architecture
  • Personalized mass customization
  • Adaptive design evolution tracking sentiment
  • Multimodal art generation like music visualizers
  • AR overlays of designs onto the physical world


In summary, Looka AI empowers anyone to generate professional logos, branding assets, and marketing designs regardless of creative skills by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. As the technology improves, AI-enabled graphic design tools promise to further democratize access to critical brand identity resources for businesses.