How ChatGPT Can Help Brainstorm Essay Topics and Outlines

  • Ask ChatGPT to suggest potential topics based on an essay prompt or subject area.
  • Have ChatGPT come up with an outline to organize the structure of your essay.
  • Verify that suggested topics and outlines align with assignment requirements.

Using ChatGPT to Expand on Essay Ideas and Arguments

  • Provide your essay thesis and main points, ask ChatGPT for supporting details.
  • Request examples, facts, or counter arguments to strengthen your reasoning.
  • Take ChatGPT’s input to expand your own critical thinking.

Getting Feedback from ChatGPT on Essay Drafts

  • Copy sections of your draft or full essays to get ChatGPT’s feedback.
  • Ask for suggestions on improving flow, transitions, and clarity.
  • Verify any edits make sense applied to your original arguments.

Using ChatGPT to Paraphrase Passages in Your Own Words

  • Submit short sections of text to be rephrased using different wording.
  • Rewrite any unclear paraphrased passages in your own voice.
  • Cite sources and facts appropriately when integrating paraphrased content.

Best Practices for Ethical Essay Writing with ChatGPT

  • Treat suggestions as inspiration, not final content.
  • Verify facts, citations, and reasoning independently.
  • Edit AI input to fit your own style and perspective.
  • Avoid plagiarism by properly quoting any used text.
  • Understand school policies on AI assistance tools.
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The key is utilizing ChatGPT’s input to enhance your own knowledge and writing process, not as a substitute for doing the work yourself. Please let me know if you need any clarification on how to interact appropriately with AI writing assistants! I’m happy to discuss responsible ways to get value from the technology.