What is Magic: The Gathering Commander Format?

Magic: The Gathering commander format (also known as EDH) is a casual, multiplayer way to play MTG with 100-card decks built around legendary creatures as commanders. It emphasizes social gameplay, unique deck building, and big plays.

Why Get ChatGPT to Rank Commander Decks?

Having ChatGPT analyze and rank commander decks could be useful for:

  • Getting an AI perspective on deck power levels
  • Discovering strengths/weaknesses in your deck building
  • Evaluating which commanders and strategies are most optimal
  • Sparking deck tuning ideas by seeing what strategies ChatGPT favors
  • Getting unbiased rankings not influenced by human preferences

How Can ChatGPT Evaluate Commander Decks?

To have ChatGPT assess commander decks, you need to provide details like:

  • The commander creature and its abilities
  • Key combo pieces and synergies
  • Mana curve and land count
  • Ramp, card draw, removal packages
  • Average converted mana cost
  • Key creatures, spells, etc.

With this data, ChatGPT can analyze factors like speed, resilience, focus, and synergy.

Useful Prompts for Commander Deck Rankings

Some helpful prompts for getting commander rankings from ChatGPT:

  • “Please rank these commander decks from most to least optimized based on my descriptions.”
  • “Here are 5 commander deck strategies I am considering, please order them from strongest to weakest: [provide deck summaries]”
  • “Please evaluate this commander decklist and identify any weaknesses compared to optimal builds:”
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Providing Deck Details in a Structured Format

To make it easier for ChatGPT to process, structure deck details like:


Key Combo:


Card Draw:




Win Conditions:

This framing helps ChatGPT quickly analyze each element.

Ranking Factors to Tell ChatGPT to Prioritize

When generating rankings, you can guide ChatGPT’s priorities by specifying factors like:

  • Speed – Fast combo wins
  • Resilience – Recursion and protection
  • Focus – Synergy and theme optimization
  • Versatility – Flexibility and answers
  • Cohesion – Tight, reliable combos
  • Power – Overall strength and competitiveness

Combining Rankings with Deck Improvement Suggestions

A great way to use ChatGPT commander rankings is combining them with advice to upgrade:

“Please rank these 5 commander decks I am working on from strongest to weakest. For the bottom 3 decks, suggest 2-3 cards that could improve them.”

Caveats Around AI-Generated Commander Rankings

Some limitations to keep in mind:

  • Results reflect ChatGPT’s training, not actual gameplay.
  • Biases and blind spots impact rankings.
  • Deck pilot skill level not accounted for.
  • Hard for AI to perfectly evaluate synergies and metagame.
  • Rankings are opinions, not definitive competitive tier lists.

Ensuring Ethical Usage of ChatGPT for Rankings

When getting ChatGPT to assess Magic decks:

  • Use truthfully described personal decks rather than copying others’ lists.
  • Don’t attempt to exploit or manipulate rankings.
  • Understand rankings are an academic exercise without real-world value.
  • Focus on using insights to improve your own skills and enjoyment.

Additional Fun Ways to Use ChatGPT for Magic Commander

Beyond deck rankings, ChatGPT can also:

  • Suggest commander choices based on favorite cards or mechanics
  • Analyze sample opening hands and mulligan decisions
  • Evaluate political negotiation tactics in multiplayer games
  • Discuss Lore and flavor text implications of commander selections
  • Craft witty flavor text for custom commander cards
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The conversational nature provides tons of possibilities for creative Magic exploration!


With the right prompts and context, requesting commander deck rankings from ChatGPT can provide engaging insights into optimal builds and upgrade ideas. While imperfect, it facilitates valuable gameplay discussions and reflection. Remember to use its suggestions ethically and focus on your own enjoyment of Magic overall.