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What is Draggan AI Photo Editor?

Draggan AI Photo Editor is an advanced image editing application that utilizes generative AI technology to perform powerful edits and enhancements with simple drag and drop gestures. Developed by Vyel Corp, Draggan aims to make complex photo manipulations accessible to everyone.

Intuitive Drag & Drop Interface

At the core of Draggan’s design is an intuitive drag and drop workflow. Rather than digging through menus, users simply drag predefined adjustment icons onto elements in a photo that they wish to edit.

AI-Powered Editing

Draggan uses AI neural networks to intelligently apply edits like adding lighting, smoothing skin, changing facial expressions, aging/de-aging, altering hair color, inserting objects, and more.

Creative Control

While AI-driven, Draggan allows for user overrides and fine-tuning of all enhancements. Creatives maintain full control over the final image.

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Sharing & Exporting

Edited photos can be shared directly to social media, exported to your camera roll, printed, or saved to Draggan’s unlimited cloud storage.

Who is Draggan AI Photo Editor For?

Draggan aims to open AI-enhanced image editing capabilities to various users:

Casual Photographers

Its drag and drop approach empowers novices to easily touch up portraits, add pops of color, insert objects into scenes and more without expertise.

Skilled Photographers

Experts can utilize Draggan’s AI accelerators to speed up tedious editing tasks like selecting backgrounds for composites or complex lighting adjustments.

Graphic Designers

Creative professionals can leverage Draggan’s neural networks as assistive tools for styling models during pre-production or quickly experimenting with variations.

Marketing Teams

Draggan helps marketing teams on tight deadlines rapidly produce social media assets, digital ads, product mockups, and other branded visual content.

Educators & Students

As an intuitive yet powerful editing environment, Draggan enables teachers to demonstrate techniques and allows new learners to start creating right away.

How to Use Draggan AI Photo Editor

Here is an overview of key features and workflows in Draggan:

Importing Photos

Drag and drop images onto Draggan from your computer or import directly from your camera, cloud storage, Lightroom, or social platforms.

Applying Edits

Just drag any of the edit icons such as Healing, Face Refine, Relight, Colorize, onto areas of your photo you wish to enhance. Adjust settings that appear.

Local Adjustments

Use the radial and brush selection tools to apply edits to specific objects, people or regions of the image. Great for targeted fixes and variation.

Stylizing Portraits

Draggan’s Face tools allow you to easily alter model expressions, gaze direction, age, hair, makeup, background and more in your portraits.

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Inserting Objects

Drag 3D objects like furniture, vehicles, plants and animals into your scene. Draggan intelligently scales and matches perspective and lighting.

Sharing Creations

Export finished edits or share them directly to Instagram, TikTok, Twitter and other platforms. Maintain full ownership.

Collaborating on Edits

Invite others to collaboratively work on images. Useful for distributed teams like photographers, creative directors and stylists.

AI Photo Editing Techniques and Methods

Here are some key photo editing techniques enabled by Draggan’s AI neural networks:

Subject Selection

Quickly cut out subjects from backgrounds using selection assists. Draggan snaps contours around challenging elements like hair.

Face Refinement

Smooth skin, adjust tone, reduce shadows and refine facial features with realistic, subtle enhancements.

Body Sculpting

Make targeted body shaping adjustments. Slim arms or torsos, tone muscles, alter poses. Maintain a natural look.

Perpective Correction

Fix skewed buildings, warped objects and lens distortions simply by dragging crop outlines.

Expression Editing

Change subtle emotions and reactions by dragging different smile styles, gaze adjustments and facial poses onto portraits.

Background Swaps

Composite subjects onto new backgrounds by selecting them and dragging in replacement imagery that matches perspective and lighting.

Object Removal

Remove unwanted elements by making a selection box around them and tapping delete. Draggan fills seamlessly.

Weather Effects

Make sunny days stormy or add rainbows by dragging weather effects onto regions of your image.

Draggan AI Photo Editor FAQ

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Draggan:

Does Draggan work on mobile?

Yes, Draggan is fully compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices, with specialized gestures tailored for touchscreens.

Is my data secure?
Draggan uses end-to-end encryption and zero-knowledge privacy protocols. You maintain full ownership of your images.

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What file types does Draggan support?
It supports JPG, PNG, SVG and PSD. PSD preserves layers for continued editing.

Can I collaborate with others on edits?
Yes, you can invite contributors and allow them to make image edits and comments right within Draggan.

Does it work with RAW files?
Draggan integrates with Lightroom to enable importing and non-destructive editing of RAW image formats.

Is the AI fully automated?
No, the AI provides assists and suggestions but a human is always in full control of the enhancements.

Can I learn photo editing skills with Draggan?
Absolutely. Draggan has built-in tutorials and courses for learning editing techniques using its AI features.

Does Draggan work offline?
The desktop application supports offline usage. Mobile versions require an internet connection.

Steps to Master AI-Assisted Photo Editing

Follow these tips to master efficient photo editing workflows using Draggan’s AI:

Study Quality Examples

Examine professionally edited photos to understand ideal goals for lighting, composition, color grading and retouching.

Capture in RAW Format

Use RAW photo settings in your camera when possible for maximum editing flexibility.

Take Advantage of Selection Assists

Use Draggan’s selection brushes and contours to swiftly isolate tricky subjects like hair and glass.

Let the AI Suggest

Review the proposed enhancements Draggan applies on first pass. Keep helpful ones instead of overworking the image.

Adjust Subtly

When retouching faces and bodies, make micro edits gradually. Evaluate results after each round.

Customize Presets

Tailor the AI presets to match your brand styleguide or personal aesthetic preferences.

Mask Strategically

Use masking to apply adjustments only where needed instead of affecting the entire image.

Learn From Your Results

Analyze what worked and didn’t for each image to improve your prompts and refinements.

Maintain Creative Control

While embracing AI assists, always maintain human judgment over the final look.

With practice, Draggan AI can significantly accelerate editing workflows while opening creative possibilities. But a human eye for quality control is vital. Leverage AI, but don’t rely on it fully.