What is the ChatGPT Website?

The ChatGPT website refers to https://chat.openai.com, the official website created by Anthropic to allow public access to test and interact with the ChatGPT conversational AI system.

Key features of the ChatGPT website include:

  • Web interface to chat with the ChatGPT assistant
  • Create free account to unlock additional capabilities
  • Easy availability for anyone to access ChatGPT
  • Provides announcements, updates, and resources about ChatGPT
  • Collects user feedback to improve the AI system

Who Created the ChatGPT Website?

The ChatGPT website is owned and operated by Anthropic, the company that developed ChatGPT. Anthropic was founded in 2021 by researchers like Dario Amodei, Daniela Amodei, Tom Brown, and Sam McCandlish.

The website was launched in tandem with ChatGPT in November 2022 as the main portal for public testing and interaction with the AI chatbot.

What is the Purpose of the ChatGPT Website?

The main goals of the ChatGPT website include:

  • Introducing ChatGPT to the general public
  • Showcasing the conversational abilities of the AI
  • Getting user feedback to improve the system
  • Building engaged user community around ChatGPT
  • Providing updates, support articles, and release notes
  • Onboarding new users and explaining capabilities
  • Eventually supporting account management and preferences
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Key Sections and Pages of the ChatGPT Website

The ChatGPT website contains various sections and pages:


  • Chat widget to interact with ChatGPT
  • Create account option
  • View sample conversations

About Page

  • Overview of capabilities
  • Ethical principles for using ChatGPT responsibly

Usage Examples Page

  • Curated examples demonstrating various use cases

Release Notes

  • Details of new features and updates


  • Answers frequently asked questions about ChatGPT

How to Use the ChatGPT Website

Using the ChatGPT website is simple:

  1. Navigate to https://chat.openai.com ↗
  2. Enter a prompt into the chat widget on the left
  3. View ChatGPT’s response generated on the right
  4. Provide feedback with the thumbs up/down on responses
  5. Explore other pages to learn about capabilities
  6. Optionally create an account for access to history and settings

Tips for Using the ChatGPT Website Effectively

Follow these tips for the best experience:

  • Be clear and concise in your prompts
  • Ask one question at a time
  • Start simple then increase complexity
  • Rephrase statements if responses are confusing
  • Review FAQ for examples of effective prompts
  • Test a variety of use cases and topics
  • Provide feedback on responses via reactions
  • Report any concerns through the website feedback form

The Future of the ChatGPT Website

As ChatGPT develops, the website is expected to evolve with features like:

  • Enhanced account management for preferences
  • Mobile app integration
  • Developer API access
  • Third-party app integrations
  • Personalized profiles and chatbot customization
  • Added support content and community forums
  • New showcase demos and case studies
  • Potential integration with other Anthropic products


The ChatGPT website provides an easy online interface to interact with Anthropic’s groundbreaking conversational AI system. As ChatGPT continues rapid improvement, the website will serve as the central hub for the public to learn about, test, provide feedback, and build a community around this transformative AI assistant.