What is ChatGPT.com?

ChatGPT.com is the official website that provides free access to ChatGPT, an artificial intelligence chatbot created by Anthropic.

Key features of the website include:

  • Web interface to interact with the ChatGPT AI
  • Create free account to use ChatGPT
  • Easy access and availability for public users
  • Provides updates, resources, and information about ChatGPT

The site allows users to experience ChatGPT without installing any apps or programs.

Who Created ChatGPT.com?

ChatGPT.com is owned and operated by Anthropic, the startup founded in 2021 by former OpenAI researchers including CEO Dario Amodei.

Anthropic is headquartered in San Francisco and is focused on developing AI designed to be helpful, harmless, and honest. They created ChatGPT as their flagship product.

What is ChatGPT and How Does it Work?

ChatGPT is a conversational AI system powered by a large language model architecture. It is designed to understand natural human language and have nuanced conversations on any topic.

Key capabilities include:

  • Generating human-like responses
  • Answering follow-up questions
  • Admitting mistakes
  • Providing explanations
  • Writing grammatically correct content on demand
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It leverages machine learning techniques like deep learning neural networks and reinforcement learning to achieve its conversational abilities.

What Can You Do on ChatGPT.com?

The main functionality provided by ChatGPT.com includes:

  • Chat with the AI assistant by typing messages
  • Create a free account to access advanced settings
  • Customize avatar, name, voice, and other preferences
  • View usage statistics and conversation history
  • Provide feedback to improve the AI
  • Read latest release notes and updates
  • Learn about capabilities through provided examples
  • Access accessibility features for vision, hearing, and motor impairments

Key Steps for Using ChatGPT.com

Using ChatGPT.com is straightforward. The key steps are:

1. Navigate to https://chat.openai.com ↗

Go to the ChatGPT.com website in any modern web browser.

2. Interact with the chatbot

Simply start typing a message to the AI assistant on the left. Press enter to send.

3. Review the AI’s response

The assistant will generate a response to your message and display it on the right side.

4. Provide feedback

Let ChatGPT know if its response was helpful by clicking on the thumbs up/down buttons.

5. Continue the conversation

Keep messaging back and forth with the AI to have a natural conversation.

6. Create an account (optional)

Make a free account for advanced features if desired.

Tips for Using ChatGPT Effectively

Follow these tips when using ChatGPT.com for best results:

  • Provide context and explain topics clearly.
  • Ask one question at a time.
  • Start with simple requests then increase complexity.
  • Rephrase statements using different words if needed.
  • Avoid harmful, unethical, or dangerous requests.
  • Check responses for accuracy before relying on them.
  • Use feedback buttons to refine the AI’s performance.
  • Report issues transparently using the feedback form.
  • View the usage guide for more conversational examples.
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Advanced Features for Registered Accounts

Creating a free account unlocks additional capabilities:

Customizable Assistant

Change the AI assistant’s name, avatar, and voice.

Adjustable Response Settings

Control length, speed, creativity level, and sources.

Usage History and Stats

View past conversations and monthly usage details.

Multiple Assistants

Create different assistants for varied needs.

Priority Access

Get faster responses during peak traffic times.

Offline Access

Use the AI even without an internet connection.

Safety and Responsibility Guidance from Anthropic

Anthropic emphasizes using ChatGPT responsibly by:

  • Not plagiarizing or presenting its text as your own work
  • Verifying accuracy of any information provided
  • Not asking it to perform dangerous, illegal, or unethical actions
  • Recognizing its limitations and potential inaccuracies
  • Reporting issues to help improve the service

This promotes safe and constructive applications aligned with human values.


ChatGPT.com provides an accessible gateway to experience Anthropic’s groundbreaking conversational AI. With an intuitive browser-based chat interface and optional free account for advanced settings, both casual and power users can unlock creativity and productivity through natural dialogs with this remarkable assistant. Adhering to the guidelines from Anthropic will help ensure everyone benefits from this technology.