Affinity Designer is a popular vector graphic design software known for its user-friendly interface and powerful capabilities. One common question that arises among designers using Affinity Designer is whether it can save files in Adobe Illustrator (AI) format.

The short answer is yes, Affinity Designer can indeed save files in AI format, making it compatible with one of the most widely used file formats in the design industry. This is a significant feature for designers who need to collaborate with others using Adobe Illustrator or who want to ensure their files are accessible to a wider audience.

Saving in AI format allows Affinity Designer users to seamlessly share their work with clients, collaborators, or print houses that may require AI files for their specific workflow or tools. Additionally, it can be beneficial for individuals transitioning from Adobe Illustrator to Affinity Designer, as it allows them to work on files in both software without compatibility issues.

The process of saving a file in AI format from Affinity Designer is straightforward. After completing your design, you simply need to go to “File” in the top menu, then select “Export” and choose “Adobe Illustrator (AI)” as the file format. You can then specify the settings and options for the export, such as compatibility and metadata, before saving the file to your desired location.

It’s worth noting that while Affinity Designer can save files in AI format, there may be some limitations or differences in the way certain features or effects are handled between the two software. Complex or advanced features unique to Affinity Designer may not translate perfectly when opened in Adobe Illustrator, and vice versa.

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Despite these potential limitations, the ability to save in AI format expands the flexibility and versatility of Affinity Designer, allowing designers to work across different software platforms and meet various industry standards.

In conclusion, the capability of Affinity Designer to save files in Adobe Illustrator format is a valuable feature that enhances its compatibility and usability within the design community. Whether you’re collaborating with others using Adobe Illustrator or simply need to ensure broad compatibility for your design files, Affinity Designer’s support for AI format ensures that your work can be seamlessly integrated into various workflows and pipelines.