What is Perebos AI?

Perebos AI is a generative artificial intelligence startup creating systems that can generate synthetic media like images, videos, audio and 3D renders from text prompts. Their goal is to responsibly advance generative AI capabilities.

Company Overview

  • Founded in 2021 and headquartered in New York City
  • $15 million in seed funding raised
  • Led by CEO Dr. Eliza Strickland, a leading AI ethics scholar
  • 25 employees with backgrounds in ML engineering, design and policy

Technology Approach

  • Large transformer-based models like DALL-E and GPT-3
  • Fine-tuned on diverse multi-modal datasets
  • Converts text prompts into realistic synthetic media
  • Pioneering techniques to improve AI safety

Mission Statement

“To progress generative AI through a lens of inclusion, empowerment and accountability.”

How Does Perebos AI Work?

At a high level, Perebos AI functions through:

Natural Language Processing

Text prompts are analyzed to extract key semantic features.

Neural Network Execution

The system predicts pixel values or audio samples that match the prompt.

Media Synthesis

Output pixels or audio are structured into coherent media.

Safety Guardrails

Multiple strategies filter outputs to align with ethical guidelines.

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What Can Perebos AI Generate?

Key media types include:


Photorealistic images and digital art from text descriptions.


Vector-based drawings across any art style.


Short animated clips and video mockups.

3D Models

Renders of 3D objects, scenes and characters.


Voice cloning, sound effects, music and more.


Long-form articles, stories, code and documents.

What Are Some Use Cases for Perebos AI?

Potential applications aligned with Perebos’ principles:

  • Assist nonprofit marketing and content creation
  • Generate characters and scenes for indie games
  • Produce concept art for animators and filmmakers
  • Give voice to unheard perspectives in ethical AIs
  • Augment STEAM education through engaging media
  • Enable rapid prototyping for startups
  • Produce imagery and sounds for meditation apps
  • Allow those with disabilities to articulate ideas visually
  • Democratize 3D printing by generating printable files

What Makes Perebos AI Unique?

Distinguishing factors include:

  • Rigorous AI safety testing protocols
  • Diversity review boards inform development
  • Supporting accessibility needs is a priority
  • Focused on empowering users over automation
  • Committed to transparency on capabilities
  • Conservative staged rollout approach
  • Strong ethics guidelines prohibit harmful use
  • User studies shape an inclusive experience
  • Seeks diverse input on risks and challenges
  • Media authenticity watermarking standard

What Are Risks and Limitations of This Technology?

Key issues Perebos grapples with:

  • Potential for misuse through impersonation
  • Reinforcing unfair biases in training data
  • Generating harmful, dangerous or abusive content
  • Spreading misinformation created with synthetic media
  • Losing attribution back to original human creator
  • Perpetuating stereotypes of marginalized groups
  • Causing job disruption across creative industries
  • Legal ambiguity around generative copyrights
  • Mental health impact of virtual media saturation
  • Difficulty detecting and removing generated media
  • Long-term societal effects remain unknown
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How is Perebos Developing Responsibly?

Key initiatives include:

  • Extensive pre-release safety testing and staged rollouts
  • Diverse external advisory boards to identify issues
  • Openness about capabilities, limitations and risks
  • Tools for identifying synthetic media signatures
  • Custom classifiers to detect harmful content
  • Allowing granular usage restrictions by customers
  • Supporting watermarking standards across industries
  • Partnering with institutions studying media authenticity
  • Funding policy work on regulatory proposals
  • Fostering education on responsible use of AI creations

What is the Future of Generative AI?

Perebos sees a future where generative AI:

  • Is widely accessible as a utility for empowerment
  • Retains attribution back to original creations
  • Augments human creativity more than replacing it
  • Enriches perspectives through diverse media
  • Aligns economic incentives for multi-stakeholder benefit
  • Functions as collaborators alongside people
  • Is regulated thoughtfully to maximize innovation
  • Results in abundant captivating synthetic media
  • Provides insights into the human creative process
  • Brings progress on balance with mindfulness


In summary, Perebos AI aspires to advance generative AI safely through research grounded in inclusion, transparency and accountability. With a thoughtful approach, they aim to explore emerging capabilities while supporting the creators, communities and societies these technologies will touch.