Hey folks! In the wild world of AI, we’ve got a new player making waves in the writing scene. This superstar is none other than Conch AI, a top-notch writing sidekick designed to make your life a whole lot easier. But what’s the deal with Conch AI, and can it sneak past AI detection? Let’s dive in!

What’s Up with Conch AI?

Conch AI is a next-level AI writing buddy that’s packed with features, like sentence and paragraph rewrites, source summarization, in-text citation suggestions, and a nifty little trick to dodge AI detection. It’s like your own personal writing superhero, helping you on-the-fly and taking your content to new heights.

Why Use Conch AI?

Conch AI is all about making your writing life a breeze. It’s got features like ConchCheck, which gives you a score to let you know how much of your doc came from AI, so your stuff stays fresh and unique. Plus, it’s got ConchBib, which smartly suggests citations for your work. And get this, Conch AI isn’t just a one-language wonder—it supports several languages, not just English.

How Do You Use Conch AI?

Getting the hang of Conch AI is a piece of cake. Here’s a quick guide:

  1. Start by heading over to the official Conch AI website.
  2. Sign up by clicking the “Sign Up” button and registering with your email or Google account.
  3. If you’re into browser extensions, you can add the Conch AI extension to your Chrome browser from the Chrome Web Store.
  4. Once you’re all set up, just start writing and let Conch AI do its thing in real-time.
  5. Use ConchCheck to see how much of your doc is AI-generated.
  6. Need citations? Use the ConchBib feature.
  7. And if you’re writing in a language other than English, just pick your preferred language from the options.
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Does Conch AI Cost Anything?

Conch AI does have a free plan where you get 3,000 tokens to use on any of Conch AI’s tools when you sign up. For the all-you-can-use experience, you can upgrade to the Pro plan for just $9.99 a month.

Is Conch AI Worth the Dough?

For a mere $9.99 a month, the Pro plan gives you unlimited words, super-fast writing with AI help, and access to the AI Bypasser feature. If you ask us, it’s a pretty solid deal for anyone looking to boost their writing productivity.

Can Conch AI Really Bypass AI Detection?

You bet! Conch AI comes with a built-in AI detector dodger. This means your content can fly under the radar of popular AI detection tools like GPTZero and Turnitin. Conch AI pulls this off by using a special algorithm to rewrite content until it’s in the clear of AI detection.

So What’s the Alternative to Conch AI?

While Conch AI is a powerhouse, there are other players in the game. Here are a few:

  • Quillbot: This AI writing tool was created by Rohan Gupta and his crew in 2017. It’s designed to make your written articles even better, with features like text paraphrasing, summarization, and grammar checking. Quillbot can rewrite any text in different ways without messing with the original meaning, and it’s got your back on vocabulary, tone, and style. It supports multiple languages and offers seven paraphrasing modes to fit your writing needs. Quillbot has a free version and a premium version with more features and faster processing speed.
  • Writesonic: Developed by the Samanyou team in 2021, Writesonic is an AI writing assistant based on GPT-3. It lets users transform keywords into various styles of text in just a few minutes. Writesonic also offers text editing, SEO optimization, and Landing Page optimization. It supports over 20 languages and delivers super-fast writing with a high keyword conversion rate. Writesonic offers a free trial and various paid plans starting at $19/month.
  • Copy AI: Launched by Copy.AI in 2021, Copy AI is an AI writing assistant based on GPT-3. It can whip up original copywriting results in seconds with just a simple prompt. Copy AI is all about business writing and marketing copywriting, and can generate content for Facebook/Google ads, blog posts, Twitter threads, and more. It offers a free version and a Pro version with more features and faster processing speed. The Pro version costs $36/month.
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Wrapping Up

In the AI era, Conch AI is a game-changingwriting assistant. It’s packed with cool features and can even dodge AI detection. So, whether you’re a seasoned writer or just getting started, Conch AI can seriously amp up your writing game. Rock on with Conch AI!

And there you have it! Conch AI in a nutshell, folks. Keep writing, keep creating, and keep innovating. Catch you on the flip side!