What’s Lexica?

Back in 2021, this guy Sharif Shameem cooked up Lexica, an AI image search engine that’s got millions of AI-generated images for you to check out and get ideas from. In December 2022, Lexica rolled out this new feature called Lexica Aperture, letting users generate AI images by just typing in text prompts. Most of Lexica’s images are out there for everyone to see, so we can all enjoy ’em together. It starts at just 10 bucks. The developer is Sharif and it’s got about 4 million users.

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What’s Lexica Got to Offer?

With Lexica, you can search for images – most of which are public and can be viewed by anyone. You can create AI pictures by just typing in text prompts, and Lexica does the rest. You can also share your pictures on social media platforms like Twitter.

How Do I Log Into Lexica?

First, you gotta go to the Lexica website and type something into the Generate interface. Then, a login interface will pop up. Just enter your email address, hit Continue, and you’ll get a link in your email. Click that link, and you’re all set.

How Do I Use Lexica?

To use Lexica, first head over to the official website and log in. Next, type a description of the picture you want, as well as anything you don’t want in the picture. You can set the picture size and other stuff in the right menu bar. Hit “Generate”, and you’re done!

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Lexica Pricing

Lexica’s got three plans:

  • Starter: $10/month for 1,000 fast generations per month, no slow generations, 2 parallel fast generations, a commercial license (solo), and public images.
  • Pro: $30/month for 3,000 fast generations per month, unlimited slow generations, 3 parallel fast generations, a commercial license, and public images.
  • Max: $60/month for 7,000 fast generations per month, unlimited slow generations, 3 parallel fast generations, a commercial license, and private images.

What People Are Saying About Lexica

People are loving Lexica! Gene says he’s found his creative inspiration in Lexica’s vast collection of images. Judith thinks Lexica’s pictures are really beautiful. And Jessica loves that Lexica can now generate new images in addition to its already extensive database.


Is Lexica free? Nope, Lexica’s got prices ranging from $10/month to $60/month.
Can Lexica generate pictures? Absolutely! Lexica started generating images from text in December 2022.
What is Lexica? Lexica is a kick-ass AI image search engine where you can find any image you like. Plus, Lexica can generate AI pictures too.