What is Cramly.ai?

Cramly.ai is an AI-powered learning and knowledge management platform designed to help individuals and organizations capture, share and apply knowledge more effectively.


Cramly uses artificial intelligence to transform unstructured information like documents, presentations, audio and video into smart, interactive content. It then organizes this content and delivers personalized learning experiences to each user.

The key benefits of Cramly include:

  • Knowledge retention – Cramly uses science-based techniques like spaced repetition to boost knowledge retention. This helps users continuously refresh and retain what they’ve learned.
  • Personalized learning – Cramly builds a knowledge profile for each user based on their behaviors, interests and goals. It then delivers customized content that is most relevant to that individual user.
  • Accessibility – Cramly makes knowledge accessible 24/7 on any device. Users can learn on their schedule, at their own pace.
  • Collaboration – Cramly makes it easy for users to share knowledge and learn together. Users can share notes, build shared knowledge bases and more.
  • Efficiency – Cramly saves users time by delivering only the most important information around a topic. This cuts down on time spent searching across multiple documents and resources.
  • Analytics – Detailed analytics provide insight into what content is resonating, engagement levels across learners and more. This helps optimize learning.

How Cramly.ai Works

Cramly uses artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to deliver personalized learning at scale. Here is an overview of how Cramly works:

  1. Ingest Content – Users can upload any type of unstructured content to Cramly – documents, presentations, audio, video and more. Cramly also integrates with cloud storage tools like Google Drive for easy access to content.
  2. Extract Insights – Cramly analyzes the content using natural language processing and other techniques. It identifies key ideas, concepts, definitions, examples and more.
  3. Organize and Structure – The extracted information is used to automatically generate interactive flashcards, quizzes, notes and more. These are organized into “courses” on different topics.
  4. Build User Knowledge Graph – As a user interacts with content on Cramly, it builds out a knowledge graph that maps out their proficiency across different topics and concepts. Gaps are identified.
  5. Deliver Personalized Learning – Using the knowledge graph, Cramly delivers customized content to each user that helps reinforce strengths and address gaps. Spaced repetition optimizes knowledge retention.
  6. Analyze and Optimize – Detailed analytics provide macro and micro insights into how users are engaging with content. These insights are used to continuously optimize the learning experience.
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This AI-powered approach makes it easy for users to quickly ramp up on new topics, identify knowledge gaps, retain more of what they learn and ultimately increase their competency. Organizations can also use Cramly to more easily onboard new hires, upskill employees and share knowledge across teams.

Benefits of Using Cramly.ai

There are many benefits to using Cramly.ai, including:

Improved Knowledge Retention

Cramly uses science-backed study techniques like spaced repetition to boost knowledge retention. This makes it easier to learn and retain new information.

Personalized and Adaptive Learning

The platform builds a knowledge profile for each user and delivers customized content catered to their proficiency levels and goals. Learning continuously adapts as the user’s needs evolve.

Consolidated Knowledge

Users can bring in content from across disparate sources and have it automatically organized into interactive courses on different topics. This leads to consolidated, easily accessible knowledge.

Increased Productivity

Cramly saves users time by delivering only the most important information around a topic in an easily digestible way. Employees can ramp up faster and be more productive.

Built-in Collaboration

Users can easily share notes, build shared knowledge bases and learn together. This facilitates collaboration and collective learning.

Powerful Analytics

Detailed analytics offer macro and micro insights that can be used to optimize learning experiences for individual users or across the organization as a whole.

Accessibility and Convenience

Learners can access Cramly 24/7 via web or mobile apps. Bite-sized lessons make learning possible even on-the-go.

Ease of Implementation

Cramly integrates easily with existing tech stacks. Organizations can get started in just days or weeks.

Who is Cramly.ai For?

Cramly is designed to help a wide range of individual learners and organizations. Some of the key segments who can benefit from Cramly include:

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Students – Cramly helps students master material faster, retain more knowledge long-term and perform better in school.

Professionals – Professionals use Cramly to onboard faster, stay up-to-date on industry skills and advance their careers.

Educators – Educators use Cramly to create interactive courses, share knowledge with students and track class performance.

Companies – Organizations use Cramly for onboarding, upskilling, knowledge sharing and more. It helps accelerate employee development.

Subject Matter Experts – SMEs use Cramly to codify and share their knowledge across the organization, creating a knowledge management system.

Business Leaders – Executives use insights from Cramly to understand knowledge gaps across the organization and deliver targeted learning.

Sales Teams – Sales teams use Cramly to rapidly ramp up on products, value props, objections handling and other sales enablement training.

Support Teams – Customer support teams use Cramly knowledge bases to access information faster and deliver better customer service.

Remote Employees – Remote teams use Cramly to stay aligned and access company knowledge from anywhere.

So whether you’re a student trying to ace an exam, an employee learning new skills, or an executive leading a global team, Cramly provides a personalized, convenient learning solution.

How to Use Cramly.ai for Effective Learning

Here are some best practices for using Cramly.ai to maximize learning and retention:

1. Organize Content into Courses

Group related documents, videos, audio files and other content into logical courses or topics. This structures knowledge and makes it more accessible.

2. Learn Actively

Engage actively with each course – take quizzes, create flashcards, write your own notes etc. Active learning leads to higher retention.

3. Space Out Learning

Let Cramly optimize review timings using spaced repetition. Reviewing material over time boosts retention.

4. Track Your Progress

Use analytics to identify strengths and knowledge gaps. Focus your learning to address gaps and reinforce strengths.

5. Share and Collaborate

Share courses and notes with others to learn together. Discuss concepts and quiz each other.

6. Apply and Build

Look for opportunities to apply newly learned concepts at work or in real life. This builds mastery.

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7. Give Feedback

Provide ratings and feedback on courses so Cramly can improve course content over time.

8. Stay Updated

Frequently add new material into courses to keep building on existing knowledge. This ensures you stay updated.

Using best practices like active recall, collaboration and application of concepts can further maximize the learning outcomes from using Cramly.ai

FAQs about Cramly.ai

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Cramly.ai:

How good is Cramly’s AI?
Cramly leverages state-of-the-art AI including natural language processing, neural networks, and machine learning to extract insights, personalize learning and optimize results.

What types of content does Cramly support?
Cramly supports documents, presentations, images, audio files, videos and more. Any digital content can be uploaded.

Can I access Cramly offline?\
Yes, Cramly offers native mobile apps for iOS and Android that allow for offline access to content. You can learn on-the-go.

Is my data secure on Cramly?
Yes, Cramly utilizes enterprise-grade security measures including encryption and access controls to protect customer data and privacy.

How do I get started with Cramly?
Getting started is easy. Simply sign up online, install the mobile app, and start uploading your first documents and videos to create an interactive course.

Does Cramly integrate with my company tech stack?
Yes, Cramly offers integrations with tools like Slack, Chrome, SingleSignOn and more. Integrations are customizable.

How much does Cramly cost?
Cramly offers customized pricing for individuals, teams, and enterprise. Contact Cramly to get pricing info for your specific use case.

Can I try Cramly for free?
Yes, Cramly offers free trials