What is Carter PCs?

Carter PCs is a custom PC builder and IT services provider located in Seattle, Washington. Founded in 2001 by avid tech enthusiast Mike Carter, the company specializes in assembling personalized, high-performance desktops, servers and workstations for gaming, design, office use and more. Carter PCs couples customized hardware with lifetime tech support and maintenance.

Pcs.ai is an AI-powered healthcare and patient simulation software company. Their products include:

PCS Spark – This is an intelligent digital patient platform that provides virtual patient encounters for healthcare students to practice clinical skills through conversational AI. Students can interview the virtual patients and make clinical decisions.


  • Provides realistic patient interview practice anytime, anywhere.
  • Large library of virtual patient cases covering diverse conditions.
  • Virtual patients can hold conversations and respond intelligently.


  • Lacks physical exam component.
  • Virtual experience cannot fully replace real clinical interactions.

PCS Alex – This is their advanced patient simulator manikin with integrated AI conversation technology. It provides physical exam practice combined with intelligent conversation abilities.


  • Life-like manikin for hands-on simulation practice.
  • Integrates conversational AI for interactive interviews.
  • Wide range of programmable symptoms and conditions.


  • Expensive capital investment compared to virtual simulation.
  • Limited availability/access due to being a physical device.

In summary, pcs.ai focuses on using AI to provide advanced healthcare simulation education for clinical skills development. Their products aim to provide interactive patient encounters through virtual or physical simulation. The company serves healthcare education programs like medical and nursing schools.

Custom Computer Building

The core of Carter PCs’ business is hand-building customized PCs to each customer’s exact specifications. Clients can either select a recommended pre-configured system or work directly with Carter’s experts to hand-pick components like the CPU, GPU, RAM, storage, cooling, case, peripherals and more. Every machine is then meticulously assembled and tested in-house before delivery.

Lifetime Support

What truly sets Carter PCs apart is the lifetime Seattle-based technical support included with every system. Their expert team is available via phone, remote access and in-person to troubleshoot issues, optimize performance, and keep the computer running smoothly for its lifespan. Customers have a reliable resource at their fingertips.

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IT Managed Services

Beyond PC building, Carter PCs provides managed IT solutions for small businesses. This includes outsourced help desk support, cybersecurity services, cloud hosting migrations, network installation and administration, backup solutions and more. Their team handles a company’s entire tech infrastructure.

Who Uses Carter PCs?

Carter PCs customers run the gamut from hobbyist PC builders to enterprise businesses. Some common clients include:


Gaming remains Carter’s most popular market. Their custom gaming PCs are tailored for smooth gameplay at high resolutions with maximum frames per second. Custom cooling and overclocking squeeze every ounce of performance from cutting-edge gaming hardware.

Creative Professionals

Designers, architects, animators, video editors and other creatives require PCs robust enough to run intensive software like AutoCAD, Photoshop, Premiere and Blender. Carter equips power workstations to crunch through demanding rendering and modeling tasks.

Office Users

For basic office needs like word processing, spreadsheets and presentations, Carter configures optimized and affordable PCs. Their experts specify components ideal for corporate environments requiring stability and security rather than bleeding-edge performance.


Carter builds developer workstations tailored specifically for programming, compiling code, running virtual machines, database management and other development tasks. Their configurations balance multicore CPUs, ample RAM, solid-state storage and ample displays.

Small Businesses

In addition to custom PCs, Carter handles the IT solutions for law firms, doctor’s offices, retailers, restaurants and other small businesses in the Seattle region. Their managed services maintain client networks, security, data protection and cloud infrastructure.

How to Shop for a Custom PC from Carter PCs

Ready to get your own tailored system? Here is the process of shopping for a custom PC from Carter PCs:

Initial Consultation

  • Speak with a Carter PCs sales representative on the phone, online, or in person at their Seattle showroom.
  • Discuss your computing needs and requirements for memory, storage, software, etc.
  • Get advice on components best suited for your usage case like gaming or 3D modeling.

System Selection

  • Choose one of Carter’s pre-built recommended configs if it matches your needs.
  • For a fully custom build, select individual components across all hardware groups.
  • Carter reps assist with compatibility, performance balance and part selections.

Order Placement

  • Place order via phone, online or in-store once your perfect PC configuration is decided.
  • Make payments to Carter PCs directly by credit card, PayPal or other methods.
  • Sign up for tech support plans – lifetime support is recommended.

Custom Assembly

  • Carter’s experienced builders get to work assembling your selected components.
  • Every system undergoes meticulous assembly, cable management, benchmarks, and burn-in testing.
  • OS installation, software setup, data migration and other customization occurs.
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Delivery or Pickup

  • Local Seattle clients can pickup finished systems at Carter’s showroom.
  • For online orders, your new custom PC is professionally packed and shipped directly to your door.

Lifetime Support

  • Carter PCs’ Seattle-based help desk is available via phone, email or remote access whenever issues arise.
  • Their knowledgeable techs help troubleshoot problems, maximize performance, and keep your system running optimally for its lifetime.

Building Custom Gaming PCs – Method and FAQ

Here is an overview of Carter PCs’ method and common questions around building high-performance gaming PCs:


  • Consult gamer on target games, settings, resolution and budget goals. Guide selections.
  • Select fastest modern CPU within budget to drive high FPS (frames per second).
  • Pair CPU with high-end GPU like Nvidia 3000 series for graphics processing.
  • Include 16 – 64GB of RAM for smooth gaming and minimizing stutter.
  • Use a fast M.2 solid state drive for boot and a 2 – 4 TB HDD for storage.
  • Pick a high-airflow case plus AIO cooler to handle heat output of powerful components.
  • Install reliable 80+ gold certified power supply sized for estimated peak watt usage.
  • Enable CPU/GPU overclocking in BIOS for additional performance gains when stable.
  • Install Windows, GPU drivers, gaming clients like Steam, and monitoring software.
  • Run benchmarks on final system to validate performance for advertised specs.


What factors maximize gaming PC performance?
The GPU and CPU are most vital. Ample RAM, fast storage, solid power delivery and cooling also contribute.

What’s the best brand for gaming PC parts?
Top brands include Intel & AMD CPUs, Nvidia & AMD GPUs, Corsair and G.Skill RAM, Samsung SSDs, SeaSonic PSUs.

How much does a custom gaming PC cost at Carter PCs?
Our builds range from $800 – $5000+ depending on performance and component quality. We fit every budget.

Can you overclock/customize an off-the-shelf gaming PC?
Absolutely. Our full custom builds allow for advanced cooling and software tuning for optimal speed.

How long until my gaming PC needs upgraded?
Your Carter PC’s lifetime support keeps it running smoothly for 4-6 years typically before a major upgrade.

What are the limitations around custom gaming laptops?
Less flexibility compared to desktops. But we maximize mobile performance by upgrading RAM, storage, cooling.

Maintaining Gaming PCs – Steps and Tips

Gaming PCs demand higher maintenance to maximize performance and lifespan. Here are Carter PCs’ key steps and tips:

Monthly Maintenance

  • Clear temporary files, caches and browser data to free up valuable SSD space.
  • Scan for malware and viruses. Update antivirus software if third-party.
  • Check for OS, GPU driver, BIOS and other key firmware updates. Install if available.
  • Open case and blast out dust buildup using compressed air. Check fans and filters.
  • Monitor CPU and GPU temperatures while gaming. Adjust fans to keep below 85°C if needed.
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Annual Maintenance

  • Replace CPU thermal paste annually to improve heat transfer from chip to cooler.
  • Swap old case fans with new ones to maintain strong airflow and positive pressure.
  • Upgrade OS storage drive from a SATA SSD to faster new-generation NVME M.2 SSD.
  • Add more RAM as games demand it. 16GB is typically the current sweet spot for most gamers.
  • Backup important game installs, configs and saves to external HDD in case you need to refresh OS.


  • Shut down PC fully rather than sleep to clear memory and let components fully cool.
  • Use elevated power strip to reduce dust buildup. Use surge protector for expensive components.
  • Handle components carefully and properly ground yourself to avoid ESD damage when opening case.
  • Manage game libraries to uninstall older titles. Save these to external HDD to preserve saves and configs.
  • Troubleshoot stability issues through software first before concluding a hardware upgrade is needed.

When to Upgrade

  • Upgrade GPU every 3-4 years to play newer games at max settings and resolutions.
  • Refresh CPU/motherboard every 4-6 years as new CPU sockets are introduced.
  • Do fresh Windows reinstall every 2 years to clear bloatware and accumulated issues over time.

carterpcs website

  • Carterpcs.com is the official website for the Carter character AI service
  • It provides details about features, pricing, FAQs, and account registration
  • The site also has updates on new character releases and future plans

character ai

  • Carter is an AI chatbot character created by Anthropic to be helpful, harmless, and honest
  • Built using Constitutional AI safety practices to mitigate risks
  • Aimed at being a friendly virtual buddy through open-ended conversations

talk to me ai

  • “Talk to Me” is one of Carter’s conversational capabilities
  • Allows users to have free-flowing discussions on any topic
  • Helps users by actively listening and offering sympathetic responses
  • Makes conversations feel more human-like and meaningful

carterpcs age

  • As an AI system, Carter does not have a defined age or birthday
  • The persona is designed to feel youthful but also mature and thoughtful
  • The target seems to be a wise mentor in their late teens or early adulthood
  • But ultimately Carter is ageless, being virtual and computer-generated

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