Introduction: What is Flight Status Tracking?

In this section, explain what flight status tracking is and why it is essential.

Who Provides Flight Status Information?

Discuss the various providers of flight status information, such as airlines and third-party services.

How to Track the Status of a Flight: AI 174 as an Example

Step-by-step guide on how to check the status of a flight, using AI 174 as an example.

Step 1: Identify the Airline and Flight Number (AI 174)

Step 2: Visit the Airline’s Flight Status Page

Step 3: Enter the Flight Number and Other Required Information

Step 4: Understand the Flight Status Information

Methodology: How is Flight Status Information Compiled and Updated?

Discuss how airlines and other service providers compile and update flight status information.

FAQ: Common Questions about Flight Status Tracking and AI 174

Answer common questions about flight status tracking, with specific answers about AI 174 where relevant.

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Best Practices for Tracking Flight Status

Provide tips and best practices for tracking flight status.

Latest Developments in Flight Status Tracking

Discuss the latest developments in flight status tracking technology, possibly including the role of AI.

Conclusion: The Future of Flight Status Tracking

Speculate about the future of flight status tracking, considering advances in technology and growing traveler needs.