What is AI 105?

AI 105 is an AI assistant developed by Anthropic to educate users about artificial intelligence through natural dialogue. The “105” refers to its focus on being an introductory AI helper, like taking an AI 101 course. AI 105 aims to build understanding and have helpful conversations about emerging technologies.

Who created AI 105?

AI 105 was created by researchers at Anthropic, an AI safety startup based in San Francisco. Their mission involves developing beneficial AI and providing public resources to learn more about computer systems. The team’s experience in machine learning helps ensure AI 105 operates safely while disseminating information to users.

How does AI 105 work?

AI 105 utilizes large language models trained with Constitutional AI, giving it broad subject knowledge. When chatting, it searches databases to retrieve facts while considering context and previous discussion. AI 105 aims to respond to questions helpfully, harmlessly and honestly in a way any user can understand through natural dialogue.

What are the advantages of AI 105?

  • Accessibility – As an AI assistant, AI 105 can educate busy individuals easily through short conversations.
  • Customization – Users direct discussions toward topics most interesting to learn about relating to AI and emerging tech.
  • Continuous learning – Anthropic regularly enhances AI 105’s skills through research to expand its teaching abilities over time.
  • Safety focused – Techniques like Constitutional AI help ensure AI 105 focuses solely on being informative without potential harms.
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Step 1) Message AI 105

Open a messaging platform like Facebook or Telegram and send “Hi AI 105” to initiate contact with the AI assistant.

Step 2) Ask an AI/Tech Question

Inquire about anything from machine learning to blockchain to spark an educational back-and-forth with AI 105.

Step 3) Engage in Discussion

Build on AI 105’s responses with follow-ups, clarifications or related questions to further the dialogue and your understanding.

Step 4) Revisit Anytime

Reaccess AI 105 as needed to continue conversations on emerging technologies and keep expanding your knowledge base.

FAQ about AI 105

Q: What can’t AI 105 discuss?

As an informative assistant, some sensitive topics exceed AI 105’s abilities. It focuses on being helpful through technological discussions.

Q: How can I provide feedback?

Contact Anthropic to relay suggestions for improvements, like clarifying responses or additional subjects of interest to enhance AI 105.

Q: What’s the latest in AI?

Check-in with AI 105 regularly for updates on recent research breakthroughs, applications spreading and any relevant industry or regulatory changes.

Best ways to use AI 105

  • Lifelong learning – Revisit periodically as an informal way to keep abreast of advancing technologies throughout your career and studies.
  • Dinner discussions – Pose questions to AI 105 to spark engaging conversations on emerging tech topics at social gatherings.
  • Community education – Recommend chatting with AI 105 for local interest groups, students and lifelong learners seeking to expand their knowledge base.
  • Crowdsourced insights – Aggregate understandings from many users’ conversations with AI 105 into compelling reports and summaries of the state of AI.
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Latest developments with AI 105

Anthropic consistently updates AI 105 through their beneficial AI research efforts:

  • Open-domain question answering improved via self-supervised training on more technical corpora.
  • Addition of simplified coding examples to supplement explanations of ML techniques and algorithms.
  • Ability to discuss AI safety topics in relation to model oversight, bias mitigation and existential risks.
  • Multilingual support in Spanish expanding AI 105’s accessibility internationally.
  • Increased personalization via responsive profile settings tailored to users’ technical backgrounds.

How to solve issues with AI 105

While functionality is prioritized, addressing potential technical issues helps AI 105’s growth:

  • Check your internet access which could disrupt chat sessions.
  • Restart devices/apps clearing any glitches in AI 105’s execution.
  • Clarify concepts requiring elaboration – AI 105 does not replace educational resources.
  • Contact Anthropic describing reproducible problems to further strengthen AI 105.
  • Expect ongoing development limitations as the technology and its skills continue progressing.

With communication and patience, most issues are resolvable to benefit AI 105’s informative role.